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In Another Paradise (Gili Trawangan)

Have you ever heard Gili Trawangan?. It's one of the famous place in Lombok, Indonesia. Gili means an little island in the middle of the sea. You can enjoy all of thing that you cant find in another place for holiday. Enjoying the beach with white sands, beautiful sunset and sunrise, snorkeling, diving, or even just go around with cidomo (traditional transportation in Lombok) or bicycle. In there is forbidden for transportation with machine like motorcycle and car. And in the night you can spending your awesome night in bars or enjoying diner with wind and beach view. So peaceful. :) You can use a boat to cross the sea from Lombok Island to Gili Trawangan

Enjoy the white sands beach :-D

Beautiful sunset

Bar time!
Fun snorkeling, you can find beautiful corals, much kind of fish, turtle even Nemo. 

No happy hours only happy ending!